Sony's new Vaio P - it blows

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Sony, unlike Apple, isn't especially skilled at software and
doesn't make its own operating system. This situation partly
explains why Sony's latest gorgeous, daring laptop, the shockingly
tiny Vaio P, turns heads everywhere, but is pretty frustrating
to use...

Wall Street Journal review:


Re: Sony's new Vaio P - it blows

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I generally agree with the review, having tried one out over the weekend.

I'm sure that Sony *wanted* to put XP on the thing, but Microsoft simply isn't
willing to license it anymore (the Vaio P's high resolution screen
disqualifies it from Microsoft's "netbook" category where they'll still sell
you XP).  On the other hand, supposedly Windows 7 is looking much more
reasonable when it comes to speed, power and overall resource usage -- I'll
bet you a nickel the Sony P there will have Windows 7 as soon as Microsoft
actually releases it.

The lack of decent sound on something that small isn't too surprising -- Sony
has never made speaker audio quality a priority on their tiny notebooks: If
you can tell a happy beep from an unhappy beep, Sony is satisfied.

I'm not sure how to improve on the mouse button placement.  Why is it that
"mouse sticks" like the Vaio P has don't let you just push them down for
emulating a left-click (like touchpads allow you to "tap")?  They could even
go the Apple/Windows Mobile route of using press-and-hold for right-click.

Re: Sony's new Vaio P - it blows

On 16/02/2009 20:57, Joel Koltner wrote:

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The biggest problem Sony's going to have with the P, at least in the
European market, is convincing people to part with the insane amount of
money they appear to be asking for it. I know it's traditional for the
European markets to get the shaft when it comes to comparative pricing but
the Vaio P is a joke. If the launch prices as quoted in the various US/EU
reviews are to be believed, it would literally be cheaper for me to fly to
New York, stay overnight, pick up a Vaio P and fly back than to pay the UK

I want to like Sony, I really do. They make some of the most beautiful
hardware outside of the Apple stable, and they were masters of the
sub-miniature long before the age of 'netbooks'. My main portable machine
is still a Vaio PCG TR1 from 2001-2002 which I love to bits, but when it
inevitably dies I'll be picking up an MSI Wind or similar. Sony hardware is
gorgeous, but their prices can't be justified in the current market.

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