Sony R505 CD Inop

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Hi All:

I have recently bought a Sony PCG-R505GL laptop.  It is heavily used and
needs some TLC.  I'd like to fix it up.  One of the main problems is that
the CDRW / DVD drive in the dock is inop.  Windows does not acknowledge that
it exists.  It cannot be opened with the power button.  It is completely
inoperational.  I'm not sure of the exact problem, but I have two thought:

- The windows is corrupted per a number of postings that I have found
regarding CD Drive problems with this machine.

- The drive itself is electronically AFU and needs to be replaced.

I'm wondering if anybody has any insight into this problem.  I guess the bug
that has my attention is the inability to open the drive with the machine
running.  I have to paperclip it to gain access.  Of course, placing a CD
into the drive and closing the drawer nets zero activity.  Not even a
flashing LED as many drives I have seen do.

Any thoughts?

Also - I received this machine without a restore CD.  It came OEM with
Windows XP Home.  I have a retail XP Home CD.  Would this CD work to get me
up & running with a fresh, functional OS?  Are there many unavailable,
propreitary drivers that will be lost if I kill the existing OS?

Any help appreciated.

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