Sony PCG-R600HFPD problem - please help

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Hi - I had already posted this problem below under an incorrect model
number. Would greatly appreciate any help possible cos I am at my
wits end over this matter :(

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-R600HFPD Notebook which I had been using for
about 2 years. Recently, one of my friends was stupid enough to spill
some drinks on it (scotch and soda). Even though we did our best to
clean it all out the notebook is now not working. When I press the
power switch on the battery light and the power light come on but the
screen is blank. Actually these 2 lights stay on all the time and will
go off only when I remove the battery. When I put the battery on these
2 lights come on automaticall without having to press the power on

Unfortunately, I stay in Sri Lanka which does not have an authorised
VAIO support centre. I tried checking with a laptop repair guy but he
says that the motherboard "might" be damaged and that he does not have
the equipment to check.

Is there any way that I can fix this ? Or atleast any way I can
confirm that it is a motherboard failure ? I have experience in
handing hardware problems of Desktops but I have never done a laptop
before even though I opened this one up. If there is any help anyone
can give it will be greatly appreciated as the notebook is destined
for the junk heap at the moment.

On a related note, I have gone through some sites which talk about the
VAIO notebook and they have described a problem that they are having
with it because of faulty soldering of the SODIMM (???). The symptoms
seems to be the same thing that I am having (flickering light, blank
screen). I am wondering whether during my cleaning up of the notebook
this problem came up. I dont know - I am just clutching at straws. Let
me know if there is anything I can do

Thanks in advance.

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