Sony PCG-FR130

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I am attempting to replace the CDRW.  I havehad the rear cover screws off
but not able to get the keyboard off to access the drive.  All suggestions
welcome.  ANy way to get a service manual for this ?

Re: Sony PCG-FR130

IDAssociates LLC wrote:
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Try this Yahoo group: You
are required to join to access the service manual files.

Many Vaio laptops are opened by removing the strip above the keyboard
that contains the power button.  This strip is typically retained by a
screw on the left margin of the case.  Remove the screw, slide the strip
to the left and lift out to expose the keyboard retaining screws.


Re: Sony PCG-FR130

Thank you.  The site had a diagram that was similar but not identical by
model number to the one I have.  The drive just doesnt read disks.  I dotn
think it is the connector or the attachement point ot he main board as
everything else runs great.,  I base that on the presumption that if the
connector to the main board was damaged its problem would turn up in boot up
or elsewhere.  If all else fails an external is in order.  Thanks again.

PS - Does my logic about the connector and or drive diagnosis ssound right.?
I ma familiar with desktop drives and it is behaving like a bad CD drive in
a desktop.  Same symptoms.  Insert disk and it just runs and runs.  all
disks too.

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