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I have a problem with my Sony Desktop (Sony PCV V300G) - one of Sony's
entertainment PCs - the TV/PC.

The boot up sequence starts with the Sony Logo, shows the Intel logo,
detects the drives and stops dead, with a blinking cursor. Sony's
technicians talked me through bios settings and attempts to recover XP
through function keys during bootup. We tried various bios settings -
didnt help.

Couldn't recover from the hard disk (and hadn't created a recovery cd
earlier). All I have is a list of primary and secondary master and
slave and a blinking cursor. Images are available in sequence as :

Please advise me on what I could to to resolve this. I am in India now
(having originally bought this at Circuit City, in CT), so taking it to
the store or a service center is not an option.

Thank you


Re: Sony boot problem wrote:

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Unfortunately, it looks like you have severe hardware failure. If the
machine never gets any further than what is shown in your last picture,
it isn't even getting through the POST (Power On Self Test). This means
the device is failing before the operating system is even loaded.
Sadly, the only way to deal with this is by talking to Sony Tech
Support and/or returning the machine.

I understand that you are in India now, but this doesn't sound like a
situation where you can just reinstall Windows. If you recently bought
the machine and paid for it with a credit card, call your credit card
company and stop payment.

Best of luck,

Elephant Boy Computers
"Don't Panic!"
MS-MVP Windows - Shell/User

Re: Sony boot problem: the latest

As a followup to this problem, kept the power plugged out overnight,
and miraculously, the PC booted up.

I took the opportunity to create restore CDs and did a c:\ restore to
factory settings.

And now, the system won't boot again. Not from CD, and not from HDD. It
won't even boot up if you skip the master and slave device detection in
the boot sequence. It stops at the same place.

It might be more of a hardware problem than anything. Thoughts are

Best regards

Re: Sony boot problem: the latest wrote:

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You already had my thoughts - I believe it is a hardware problem. If
possible, try replacing the power supply with a known-working one.
Please post back with results.

MS-MVP Windows User/Shell
Elephant Boy Computers
"Don't Panic"

Re: Sony boot problem

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This doesn't look like an XP issue - or any OS  issue - because the system
is apparently hanging before it gets to the OS.

Did anything change on your system?   Replace a drive, perhaps?   If so -
and also if you didn't - power down the system and check all of the drive
jumpers and cables.   Map out what connectors what drives are connected to
and what the jumper settings are.     Ensure that the jumpers all agree -
that is, all set to Cable Select or in master/slave pairs.

IF set to CS, be sure that the drives are at the correct connectors (boot
drive at the end of the cable).   If set to Master/Slave, ensure that the
intended boot drive is set to Master.   If the hard disk and CD are on
different channels, be sure that they aren't set to indicate that other
drives are present.

Try booting without *any* drives, and see what error messages you get.
Plug the drives back in one at a time, starting with the floppy (if it has
one) and see what happens.   Try with only the hard disk present and with
only the CD present.   The error messages should give you good clues.  Take

Be sure to get into the BIOS each round and reset it so that the current
state is detected properly.

You should  be able to get the system to try to boot from either floppy or
CD - naturally you'll need a  bootable CD for these tests.   Any bootable XP
CD will work for this purpose; you aren't trying to install.   If you can
boot from CD, consider that the hard disk has failed.   Try replacing it and
see if you can get into XP Setup with a CD - if it detects the new hard disk
and wants to format it.

None of this will void the warranty, but be sure to map out the changes you
make.   If none of this works,  check the warranty with Sony.
Unfortunately international warranty service is often spotty and can be
*very* frustrating.

I don't know how it is with Sony but I've had poor experiences with other
major-brand machines purchased in the US and used in Canada - had to find a
US address to get parts shipped to and have them reshipped from there to
Canada.   So,  be aware that there may be serious logistical issues and look
for alternate approaches (i.e., a replacement).


Re: Sony boot problem

Serious problem - usually following HD/CD detection the BIOS lists in
stalled hardware and some related specs. Follow the advice  submitted by
Patrick.  Machine should boot  (To a prompt or 'no OS found') without
hardware attached.

AL(KB3U) & Darlene Romanosky                                     N. Ft.
Myers, FL

Re: Sony boot problem wrote:

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I suspect that you're screwed, but one thing to try before you give up is to
write down all your CMOS settings (or take screen photos or both), set any
jumper to clear the CMOS, pull the battery, let it sit for a week (I've
seen machines take 4 days to discharge the CMOS with the battery out) to
make sure that it's completely flat, then start the machine up and see what

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Re: Sony boot problem

On 16 Jul 2005 07:48:16 -0700, wrote:

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How old is it?  Did it work previously and what's changed
since then?

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It might have stopped after failing to find a viable HDD
boot sector.  Try putting a bootable CD in it and see if
it'll boot from that- adjusting the appropriate bios
settings necessary if applicable.  You might try unplugging
one drive's data cable, restting the machine, then try
reconnecting it and unplugging the other drive, resetting
again (of course turning system off, unplugging it while
working within it).

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If it has a floppy drive you could also try booting to that.
You might also try clearing the CMOS- if you can't find the
appropriate jumper then unplug it from AC and pull the
battery out for about 10 minutes.

When it stops during the POST, does it always stop at
EXACTLY the same spot every time?  

BTW, you've posted this to quite a few newsgroups, please
limit the crossposting to only appropriate groups, thank
you.  The problem has nothing to do with Windows as per your
description as it's stopping before the HDD begins to load

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