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Got a Dell Inspiron 2500 and a "Dynex DX-WGNBC" PCMCIA network card,
which is apparently a Best Buy store brand.  Seems to have an Atheros

I initially install it on the laptop, which has a very poorly running
installation of Win ME.  Works fine.  Then I format and install
Win2K.  The card doesn't work.  The driver installs, looks good in
device manager, etc.  But the connection manager refuses to see any
networks.  I install Service Pack 2, and that does nothing.  Out of
desperation, I try SP4.  Nothing.  I uninstall, reboot, check device
manager in safe mode, and try the driver from the Dynex website.
Still won't work.

I try the card on a HP laptop, also running Win2K SP4 and it works
fine.  I try a Netgear USB wireless adapter on the Dell and that

Finally, I format and install XP on the Dell and the card works!  What
the heck?

Re: Solve this wireless card mystery wrote:
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Did you examine the installation CD for driver folders labeled
WinME/Win2K?  Dynex manufactures good, but not exceptional peripheral
PC-Card devices; Dynex is not a Best Buy brand, AFIK.


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