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I have an old laptop with AMD-K6-2 450MHz, 192 MB RAM and 6 GB HDD on board.
What software would your recommend for this not-too-quick PC?
- would windows XP work OK (I once tried to install it but it crashed
shortly after installation -- not sure why the setup worked smoothely; w2k
works somewhat strangely (unhandled page fault during installation, when
configuring hardware, no APM support (the CPU doesn't have APIC and modern
windows are said to no be supporting older hardware))
- what linux/unix would be OK? I've tried Mandrake 10.1 with 2.6 kernel, but
it's so horribly slow, especially when I try to invoke an application, worst
with OpenOffice 1.1
- what office package would you recommend? I know of OpenOffice, SarOffice
(happily used 5.1 on winMe on a Celeron-450 with ... the same amount of RAM)

maybe there're any special builds or tunings? Looks like windows works
faster, yet there're probs with windows too. Only win98 seems to work and
I'm not satisfied with it... Is there a way to save bucks by selecting the
right soft for my laptop?


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