SO-DIMM DDR out of production

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Hi all,

I was surprised to find out how expensive SO-DIMM DDR still is nowadays.

It's about one year ago that DDR2 became as cheap as DDR - about $60/GB
(all comparisons based on 1 GB sized extensions).

Today DDR2 is below $15/GB - and standard DIMMs with 240 pins are almost
the same as the slighlty more expensive SO-DIMM with 200 pins.

Today DDR is at about $30/GB for standard DIMM 184 pin and about $50/GB
for SO-DIMM 200 pins.

I wonder: Is DDR still in production? Has every fab moved over to DDR2
or even DDR3 nowadays (which is at about $80/GB)?

I've checked European prices first. They do convert almost 1:1 to
USD-prices, although the exchange rate would be better than 1:1.50. Some
of this is due to almost 20% of taxes. German/Austrian price trends can be
observed at Since I do not know matching US sources, I
compared with for current prices only:

2006    90      90     130      130
2007    60      70      60       60     180
2008    25      35      13       14      50

2008    33      50      14       18      80

(all prices in currency per giga byte in march)
(e.g. SO-DDR2 does mean SO-DIMM DDR2 200 pin, ...)

I do not know any Asian prices.

Re: SO-DIMM DDR out of production

Martin Trautmann wrote:
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YEAH I have boxes of SO DIMM.. woohoo
OH and a about 400 pounds of PC100 & PC133.... Jackpot
(formerly) Monsignor Boddom

Re: SO-DIMM DDR out of production

The best place to buy memory is often E-Bay.  I'm buying the DDR modules
that I need for under $5 per module.

Martin Trautmann wrote:
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