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I have a three-year-old Compaq M2000 laptop which worked well until I gave
it to a friend. Now, it is misbehaving badly. At times it runs zips along
perfectly well, other times it's like molasses on a winter morning -- the
hard disc just churns away.

I've done everything normally recommended -- disc clean-up, defrag, etc. But
the problem persists.

It has only 256MB memory, which of course is low, but we use it only for
e-mail and limited internet access.

I've deleted every program that might be causing an overload. All except AVG
free virus program, which seems to take a long time every morning updating.
I think I'll remove this program also, to see if that helps. Of course it
would leave the computer naked in the world, but there's nothing at all
secure in it.

Any suggestions welcome.

Re: Slooooooow laptop ? ? ?

Ray typed on Mon, 1 Sep 2008 09:54:58 -0400:
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Yes Ray. It sounds like AVG is setup to automatically scan. You can
configure it so it has to be done manually. AVG has recntly has been getting
more and more resource hungry like the big boys. So what you might consider
is what some of the rest of us has done. That is some has switched over to
the free Avast. I believe you would like it too.

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Re: Slooooooow laptop ? ? ?

Thanks Bill--

I uninstalled AVG, and now the laptop works perfectly. Of course we have no
virus protection, but I can live with that. Maybe if I use the Seamonkey
browser I'll be less susceptible to viruses.

I was using a rather old version of AVG, and that might have been the
problem. I use AVG on a newer laptop -- with more memory -- and it doesn't
seem to cause any problem.

Thanks for the help

-- Ray
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