Shutting Down vs Idling

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My laptop (a Dell Inspiron 5100) goes into an idle state of some sort,
I think, when I close it.

It shuts down Windows and turns itself off if I hit the power switch.

But if I hit the power switch, and don't want to wait for it to shut
down before I close it, so close it, it does not complete the shutdown
process, but instead goes into an idle state in the middle of the
shutdown process.

Then when I go to use it again, sometimes the battery is run down
(after all, it was on all night long).  Other times, it completes the
shutdown process, and then I have to turn it on again.  Other times, it
does NOT shut down, but doesn't work right, so I end up having to
restart it to get it to work right.

The only way I've found to deal with this is to wait until it shuts
down and turns off before closing it.

Just thought someone else might have had a similar issue, and maybe
even have come up with a solution.


Re: Shutting Down vs Idling wrote:

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You are dealing with the difference between suspend, hibernate, and

When the laptop suspends, it doesn't really turn off. I noticed this
when I packed mine in its case and went to work. It was HOT.

In your power settings, you can choose to turn on hibernation. I seldom
turn mine off, but hibernate it frequently.

(Suspend just turns off the display, hard disk, etc. The memory is still
active. Hibernate stores the current status on disk then shuts down. On
resume, the status is retrieved from the disk.).

Hibernation (was: Shutting Down vs Idling)

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Toshiba A35 satellite just has traces of the Hibernation option being  
removed. It DOES NOT hibernate. Not an option anymore, sorry. A MAJOR  
THe suspend  option may turn off the display etc but the fans are still  

Trying to set hibernation options from the windows power management menu  
gets redirected to Toshiba's which won't allow hibernation. sigh.

Fritz Oppliger

Re: Shutting Down vs Idling

On 26 Feb 2005 14:04:10 -0800, wrote:

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I always wait for shutdown to complete before closing so I never had
this "problem."

But this is very simple to fix.

Your laptop should had come with a power management utility which you
can configure what action to take when you close the lid. In this case
I'm guessing all you want it to do is to turn off the display.

So find where this utlity is.

Re: Shutting Down vs Idling

This is excellent, thanks for the help.  I didn't realize all this was
customizable from the Control Panel.

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