shutdown on lid close anyone?

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Hi everyone,

sorry if this post is in the wrong place on here but i wasnt quite sure

what catagory this would fall under.

Here's the problem.

I am trying to get 30 odd laptops to turn off through use of a
VBScript, the VBScript itself works correctly, however i need to find a

way in which i can trigger the run when the laptop lid is
shut...unfortunately there is no option to shutdown through the power
options in windows xp so i was hoping someone could point me to a
registry key or basically find a way to execute this.

The script must be on the local machine as if the laptops lose their
wireless connection then they obviously wont call the Script.

if there is any way to do this through windows XP on the local machine
with no input from a server, that would be the ideal fix.


Ben Morgan

Re: shutdown on lid close anyone?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is a standard feature of XP.

Right click on the desktop and select Properties.

Select the Screen Saver tab.

Click the Power button.

Select the Advanced tab.

Somewhere in that box, is a drop down along the lines of "When I close the
lid of my portable computer".  Select 'Shut down'.

If this option is missing, then it is either not supported or Windows XP has
been incorrectly installed.

Re: shutdown on lid close anyone?

I know that the shutdown on lid close is supposed to be a standard part
of windows XP, however the laptops in question do not support this.

What i am looking for is essentially:

Where the "When my laptop lid is closed: Standby... etc" there is
coding behind this which must be a trigger the process of it dropping
to standby, all i would essentially need is this trigger to run my
script, or something along those lines, this would in turn give me the
functionality to shutdown the laptop when it isn't supported through
windows XP.

Hope that makes sense, Its just children will not turn laptops off and
they stay in a lapsafe and as you can imagine, it gets extremely hot in
there when you leave 20 odd laptops on, this is causing alot of
hardware issues, as well as the laptops not charging correctly.

Any possible fix for this would be greatly appreciated as i have been
tearing my hair out about it for weeks now.

Ben Morgan

Re: shutdown on lid close anyone?

A little more info please. What make/model laptops and what bios version or
versions do they have? I'm guessing that your problem lies in a BIOS setting
that needs changing to allow shutdown when lid closes.

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