Show Desktop button freezes taskbar

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Hi All,

Subject says it all. I own a IBM Thinkpad T30 running Windows XP, and
everytime I hit the "Show Desktop" icon the taskbar freezes and it
takes it like 30 seconds to recover, release the taskbar, and actually
show the desktop.

The rest of the computer remains functional, and nothing interesting
shows up in Task Manager, while the task bar is hung.

I used to run Windows 2K on this very box, and it worked fine on that.
Any one know how to fix this ?


Re: Show Desktop button freezes taskbar

You may want to consider removing the Display Desktop button and use these
shortcuts instead:

Windows Key + M  = This minimizes all windows to the taskbar

Windows Key + D = Same function as the Show Desktop button.

I do believe this was a minor problem with XP prior to SP2. Something about
the icon.... using the windows key shortcuts above do the exact same thing
without the icon. Try it and see if itfreezes the taskbar  when you don't
use the icon.


Lawrence Wong
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Re: Show Desktop button freezes taskbar

Delete the shortcut and re-create.
Use Notepad to create a file with the following lines:
Then save it as Show Desktop.scf and drag it to your quick launch bar.

Re:-How to Re-create the Show Desktop Icon on Quick Launch Toolbar

ssg MS-MVP wrote:

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