should i get centrino?

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    I'm shooping for a laptop. It's usually going to be plugged in, so
i'm nto worried about battery life. However I would like it to last for
several years (4, or 5). I had settled on a Dell Inspiron 6000 using
centrino technology, but now i'm not so sure.

Is centrino worth it for me? I don't care if the laptop batteries don't
last very long, but I would like the laptop itself to have a 5 year
lifespan. Will centrino increase the lifespan?

Should I get one of the other AMD/Intel processors (does it matter
which?) instead of a centrino -- will the laptop be faster, cheaper and
have as long a life with the other Intel/AMD processors? Is the only
real advantage of a centrino, longer battery life?

The laptop is usually going to be on a desk and not in my lap BTW.


Re: should i get centrino?

alexr wrote:

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Centrino just means it is blessed by Intel, haveing an Intel processor
and an Intel wireless card.

Intel's wireless cards suck.

Nothing wrong with buying an centrino. Just don't buy bacause it says

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