Should I buy an IBM laptop?

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So with the news that IBM is selling their PC business is this the time
to buy an IBM laptop, since this may be our last chance? Or should I
look at other brands since who knows what support, if any, there will
be in a years time?

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It's a bad situation.  All the other brands suck.  IBM sucks too, but
less than the others, for now.  Soon that will change, and IBM will be
as bad as the rest.

There's one other brand besides IBM which in some ways doesn't suck as
much as the rest.  That is Apple.  But Apple laptops have their own
issues with compatibility, some of which amount to new and unique ways
of sucking, and they don't give you as wide a range of configurations
to choose from.  For example, there's no Apple ultraportable.

Re: Should I buy an IBM laptop?

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If you do not need support, i.e., you are technically experienced and know
how to use books and the resources in knowledge bases, and the newsgroups
and discussions, the software support is too important once a system is
first running, i.e., during the first month or so.

Hardware support, especially for a notebook, is important. You don't want to
do tumblesaults to get hardware replaced/repaired. This is where IBM was
reputed to be very strong. Contractually, whomsoever buys IBM's product line
will be required to honor the warranty, but HOW they do this, that's up in
the air.

If one thinks the IBM hardware is superior and does not need software
support, then, at least in the short run, IBM might still be a good choice.
IMHO, software support would decline before hardware support, but that's
just a guess.

Re: Should I buy an IBM laptop?

IBM is still the best choice, I think. First of all, their computers
are already made by Chinese manufacturers, so there is really no change
there. Secondly, even if the tech support quality decreases slightly
because of the support move to China, anything is better than Dell tech

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