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I'd like to use my laptop for web browsing in the mall and in my office in
the Dallas (TX) area. Who provides the best quality (speed) service plan?
Who provides the best value plan?


Re: Service Plans for Wireless Laptops

Michael White wrote:
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I can't give you any specific info about Dallas, but I did have an
interesting email discusion with a local rep.
Took me several iterations to wring the data out of them.
They were very proud of their high bandwidth and low cost plans.

I did the math and determined that I could download at the max
rate for about 10 seconds per day to stay within the bandwidth cap.
You got almost 2 minutes a day at the next level.
Bottom line was that you had to buy their MAXIMUM cost plan
to get any usage at all.  The good news is that the bandwidth
is not guaranteed, so you may get MUCH longer download TIME within the
cap...just not more DATA.
They quit responding at that point.

The max plan was unlimited...except the fine print allows them
to limit your bandwidth to anything they desire at any time they want.
And they disallow anything like voip, peer to peer, torrents, webpage
service...most anything you'd want to do.
Contract terms are, (paraphrasing) we provide whatever service we decide
to...or not to provide....  You pay the full amount for the full term no
matter what we decide to deliver if anything.

Whatever you consider, read the fine print and do the math.

Re: Service Plans for Wireless Laptops

Michael White wrote:
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Here in Idaho, I have used ClearWire, Verizon and Cricket.
Of the 3, ClearWire seems to be the best deal since they
really have an UNLIMITED usage plan. Verizon and Cricket
both offer an 'unlimited' plan that says that after
gigabytes a month, they can (at their discretion) seriously
throttle back your tx/rx speeds.

Although ClearWire is unlimited, I do not like either their
external wireless modem (connects via Ethernet cable to the
computer) or their PC-Card modem.

Right now I use Cricket since they haven't chosen to
throttle me back yet even though I have gone over the 5GB limit.

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