Serious VAIO and Tablet Problems!

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I am an artist and as an artist, my tablet is very important to me.
Recently, I
was given a new VAIO (model PCG-5G3L) laptop after my HP
laptop no longer
preformed efficiently. The VAIO works well and there is
no serious problems,
however, I can no longer work my tablet (19x20
Adesso CyberTablet 12000). I have
uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded
and copied the tablet driver countless
times, but I have no idea what to
do to fix the problem.

When using my tablet,
the cursor jitters chaotically up and down,
making it impossible to use. In
photoshop, there is no pen pressure as
well, but either way, I cannot draw or
color with such a jittery cursor.
I know my VAIO comes with something called
"Pen flicks" and I am not
sure if that's what is causing the problem even after
I have disabled

I have tested my tablet on several different computers and
there are no
problems whatsoever. It works just as well as it use to with my old
I just can't understand why it won't work with the VAIO.

Please, I really
need help. I have no idea who to turn to for help
about this and I'm at my wits
end. There is no possible way for me to do
my work without my tablet and I'd
hate for a $250 purchase to be useless
to me in less than a year.

If anyone
knows what the problem is please e-mail me at
( Even if anyone
just has an idea, it would be greatly

Thank you so much.:smile:


Re: Serious VAIO and Tablet Problems!

Kana wrote:
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I am going to guess, since you did not specify the operating system,
that the Vaio is running Windows Vista.  If so, navigate to the Program
Files directory, the folder containing the tablet files, and access each
application file ( filname.exe ), right-click each, and select the
Compatibility tab, select WinXP compatibility mode.

If that fails, go to the touchpad properties and uncheck anything having
to do with enhanced precision mode.  You might just disable the touchpad
in Device Manager, also.

If that fails, boot to Safe Mode (F8 tapped repeatedly on startup), and
uninstall the tablet driver.  Reboot, and reinstall the tablet driver.
Immediately invoke the WinXP compatibility mode for each application
file as described in the first paragraph.

If the video frequency is set to anything other than 60hz, that can
cause synchronization problems with mouse-like devices. In Device
Manager, select the Display, Properties, Advanced Properties, and verify
that the video is set to 60hz and is at the native resolution of the
display (1280 x 800, etc.)

Lastly, (most properly, "firstly", since it is late at night for me!),
go to the tablet vendor's web site, support section, and see if there is
a Vista driver for the tablet.


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