Serious problems with Toshiba M60

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I thought that users might be interested in my experiences with this
laptop.  It's got good performance and a great monitor but three
serious design problems.  Hopefully Toshiba will fix this in subsequent

In discussing this model with a number of people, it is well known that
this model has a design flaw with excessive heat generation under your
right palm while typing. Not enough to physically burn the skin but
enough to make your hand throb and ache. My local store has had a
number of customers try to return their laptop but after testing
Toshiba has claimed it is operating within an acceptable temperature
range. If you are in doubt, leave one running in the store for an hour
or two and try it for yourself before buying.

Toshiba's technical support suggested putting a cloth or similar over
it. Not a good look but it might help. I'm will be buying an external
keyboard. The heat is generated by a combination of the RAM and
Wireless module. It is hot even withough the Wireless is switched on,
however with the Wireless on it is really hot! If you are not using
Wireless switch it off, or if you are consider a PCMCIA card.
Interestingly I've found that the system can be further cooled by
opening the bottom and totally removing the wireless card as even
though it can be turned off on the side of the laptop this still allows
it to generate some heat.

The second and more minor design problem is that the keyboard has a
very small right shift, full stop and forward slash key. For those of
us who type a lot of urls or touch type, this can be an annoyance. I'm
hoping that after a week or two I will get used to this.

An additional design flaw is with the key presses.  Specifically in
order to make a keystroke show you need to hit the key right in the
center.  To try this in the store pick a key, eg 'N', and tap it near a
corner, eg bottom right, and you will find that you can hear the key
click but it doesn't register.  Another annoyance but once again
hopefully I'll get used to it.  Another way is to try and touch type
normally and quickly.  At least the backspace key is big as that's been
getting a solid workout for the past week!

Anyone who is interested in further comments can contact me at
windsurfing_stew at yahoo dot com dot au (replace 'at' with '@' and
'dot' with '.') Stewart

Re: Serious problems with Toshiba M60

Sorry about your difficulties. It is just the sort of stuff that made
me previously express some scepicism about the importance that so many
people attach to brand names. This is especially valid given the fact
that so many computers share components, and that no manufacturer's
machine is really all "theirs".

Also, I don't know which processor is in your M60, but my laptop uses a
Mobile P4 3.06 and, contrary to popular belief, I don't have any
excessive heat problems. So how did the highly-regarded Toshiba manage
to screw up? The proposed solution of putting a cloth is insulting.
What next, a pillow to put on my lap?

I suppose I'm going OT here, but over the years I've bought too many
"good name", expensive items that had failed, and at least an equal
number of non-brand, low cost items that had served way beyond
anybody's expectations. Those who believe "you get what you pay for"
usually pay too much. There are too many exceptions to this, in both
directions, invalidating this popular philosophy.

Re: Serious problems with Toshiba M60

Well said
Nowadays, the price doesn't reflect the quality of the service/product.

Re: Serious problems with Toshiba M60

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Until about a year ago (as I recall), Toshiba manufactured most of their
laptops.  Competition has forced the closure of most of their
factories - they still manufacture for the Japanese market.  They are
learning the outsourcing business.


Re: Serious problems with Toshiba M60

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My new Rowa notebook, like many others, has the air intake for the cpu
on the bottom of the case, meaning that it can't be used on a soft surface
such as a bed or pillow without blocking the air vent.

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Re: Serious problems with Toshiba M60

bxf wrote:
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Over more than a decade I have had three "no name" laptops made in
Taiwan or somewhere, and each one of them failed in the end. None lasted
as long as my Toshiba Satellite 1800, which has had more than 3 years of
heavy use, and which I replaced only because it was too slow for some of
the softwre I use, and am now passing on to my wife.

I chose another Toshiba, not because of some dumb brand loyalty, but
because of the reliability of the previous one, plus I did some Googling
for most reliable laptop and Toshiba came out top (after Apple, which is
no use to me as I want to run Windows.)

Julian Moss
Tech-Pro Limited ( ) - your trusted source for
Windows tools, tips and troubleshooting advice

Re: Serious problems with Toshiba M60 wrote:
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I bought an M60 two days ago. I'm not a touch typist, but I type a lot
(I'm a programmer and writer) and the keypress design flaw you mention
is really irritating me a lot. I was wondering if it was really a
software problem that is causing keypresses to sometimes be ignored.

The layout is puzzling. I had a Satellite 1800 before, which is smaller,
and it didn't have these very small keys. But I suppose I will get used
to it.

I don't notice any problem with heat. It gets warm just to the right of
the keypad, but not uncomfortably so. With the Satellite 1800 I think
the processor used to overheat, and reduce speed, which made it unusably

I'm very happy with the performance of this machine, and also with the
screen, but this missed keypress problem is driving me up the wall.

Julian Moss
Tech-Pro Limited ( ) - your trusted source for
Windows tools, tips and troubleshooting advice

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