Serial cable copy to modern pc

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We have an old laptop (DOS / Win 3.1) which has a few useful files.
Its floppy drive no longer works, but the serial and printer ports seem
It also has zcopy (old program for copying over serial port) and quick

The modern pc is running Windows XP.

Does anybody know how if there's a program that can receive zcopy under
xp, or of a way to write a quick basic program that can communicate
with an existing xp program?

Re: Serial cable copy to modern pc

I'd try to borrow a parallel port Zip drive (you can buy these on E-Bay
for $5 or so ... shipping will cost more than the purchase price).  You
could use that on both the old & new PCs, and it is a disk, with a not
insignificant (at least in terms of the old PC) 100MB capacity. wrote:
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Re: Serial cable copy to modern pc wrote:
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Your best bet (*) is probably to take the hard drive out of the old
laptop, connect it to an IDE->USB converter, and read the files
directly off it.

(*) You can always write something on both sides to transfer files,
but the development and debug time and effort may be more than you
want to spend.  I've probably got the sources for my Z-80 assembly
routines "Pitch" and "Catch" kicking around somewhere, but it was

SOH-bytecount-checksum-EOH    ACK
SOM-thatmanybytes-checksum-EOM ACK

Pitch opens the files, gets the bytecount, and sends, Catch receives
the bytes and writes them into a file.  All you really care about is
having 8-bit word length and that you don't overrun your buffers.
IIRC, my 8MHz Z-80 machines could do 115Kb/s over short runs of
plastic fiber.

Re: Serial cable copy to modern pc wrote:
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Download, it is a small network
for rs232, and has a clone program to get the
software to the computer without floppy.
See google for download sites.

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