separating lcd panel from laptop

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I want to buy an older laptop on ebay and remove the lcd panel from the
computer. My plan is to extend the cables connecting the panel to the
computer by a few feet so I can mount the computer and panel
permanently in place with the panel separate from the rest of the
computer. I know I could gain the same effect by buying a desktop lcd
monitor, but my situation needs a small screen.
Is this possible? Is there a particular brand or model that is easy to

Re: separating lcd panel from laptop

It's probably not possible (or at least not economically feasible) as
you envision it.

In terms of separating a panel from a laptop for use with that same
laptop (but further away from the body), the issue is the cable, and it
is very unlikely that you will be able to resolve this issue.  The
connectors used are very specialized, you can't buy them (at least not
in small quantities) and the cables are usually flat "flex" cables that
you can't make or mate to the connectors.  A very few laptops do use
individual wire cables that you could cut and splice to a longer length,
but this is very much the exception rather than the rule.

In terms of using the panel with a computer other than the laptop for
which it came, this has been covered thousands of times, the signals
required by the LCD panel and even it's mechanical interface (connectors
and pinouts) are such that it's not economically feasible to use the
panel with any other computer (either laptop or desktop).  I don't want
to give you the impression that it's physically impossible, as it may
not be, but the cost will be prohibitive (more than the cost of a brand
new desktop LCD monitor) and because of physical issues it will be quite
difficult to source what you need, and in many cases it IS impossible.
The signals involved are neither conventional analog signals (VGA of any
type) NOR are they normal user-interface digital signals (e.g. DFP, P&D
or DVI).  Rather, they are kind of exotic and custom configurations of
LVDS signals.

Phil wrote:
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Re: separating lcd panel from laptop

Phil wrote:
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EBAY is a great place to review what's avaialble.  You'll find several
vga monitors with small tft screens.

Lengthening the cable is not a practical solution.  But sometimes, you
can rebuild the hinges so the laptop wraps all the way back and sits
behind the display.

Sometimes reformulating the problem leads to an acceptable solution.
What are you trying to accomplish?  Context???

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Re: separating lcd panel from laptop

Barrys right.. And another thing to keep in mind the signal cables
should be of exact length, Size and shielded if the ones being
extended currently are.. May be done however but you'll just have to

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