send multiple files via bluetooth at-once?

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how to send multiple files via bluetooth at-once?

Re: send multiple files via bluetooth at-once?

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I'm assuming you mean from Windows Explorer something, not Linux.

Copy all the files to the Bluetooth directory.  

This gives the other computer access to them when it connects to this
computers Bluetooth directory.

Click and drag to select the ones you want to put on the other computer or
use CTRL-click to mark just certain ones without cancelling the last one
you marked.  Mark as many as you wish.

On the destination computer, simply click and drag the files from the
source computer's bluetooth directory to the directory you want to put them
in on the destination computer.

Any copies of files left on the Bluetooth directory are redundant to the
original files on that drive, so clean off the Bluetooth directories so you
don't waste double space if your drive is kinda full.

This is how it works on WinXP, anyway.  I never installed Vista but I
assume it works similarly.  Win doesn't give the remote computer on BT
access to any other directory but the Bluetooth directory for security.  
Sometimes it's maddening, but is still a good idea.

Someone else will be here in a minute to contradict what I've typed to tell
me I'm stupid, so we'll let them tell you another way.


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