Sempron 2600+ Big Problem - please help somebody

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  At the begining i must say we dont have notebook groups in poland so i write
here. Please forgive me my english skills.

  == my config ==

Notebook Maxdata ECO 400 A
mobile AMD Semoron 2600+
Windows XP HE + SP2

  == problem ==
Cpu cant go faster than 800 mhz. After restart it only can go as fast as 1600
Mhz. Windows can not restore CPU orginal speed.

What is the max speed of mine CPU (2600+)

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Re: Sempron 2600+ Big Problem - please help somebody

Filip wrote:
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2600 is NOT the Mhz of your CPU, it is AMD's stupid naming convention.
You laptop actually runs at 1600 mhz, so there is no problem with it.
When it goes down to 800mhz, this means that your processor is not being
used so is lowers the speed in order to save battery.

Hope this helps

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