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Few days ago some of the members of this newsgroup answered my question
about differences between support for business and home buyer, but I
found out that there is another  different purchase possibility and this
  is the one I can use. It is for the employees of a company that has
purchasing agreement with DELL. You have a special member number, you
use it to make your purchases at a special internet site.  You get a
fixed discount, plus depending on the week, you can get coupons for
other special deals. But I don't know if the support you get is the
home-purchase kind, or the business one. Does any body have made this
kind of purchase and can tell me if the support is the good one, or the
lousy home kind?
Thanks again

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cbaglion wrote:
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Just to clarify things, purchasing from the Home Division doesn't guarantee
you poor service, nor does purchasing from the Small Business Division (or
higher) guarantee you good service.

It also depends on the line that you're buying (e.g., Latitude, Dimension,
etc.), and the level of service, within that line, that you choose.


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I have purchased three DELL computer in the past six years, always
purchasing the best support available, but in the past three years the
support is becoming worse and worse, It is very difficult to understand
the person who answer your call, and unless you are very lucky, you have
to make two or three telephone calls, to find a technician who knows
your computer, and can address the problems. I have been told that
instead, the Business Division, have a support based in the USA, where
the technicians speak a good english, they know the products much better
and are very fast in finding a solution for your problem. I like to know
if  you buy as an employee at their special site, if you get the support
based in the State or you get  the one based in India. Hope this clarify
my question.

Notan wrote:

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Re: sempre DELL

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I was reading this post with serious interest until I almost busted a gut
when I got to this line. Thanks for the laugh.


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