selling a advent 7006 laptop on ebay ,needs new mother board

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Use it as parts or replace mother board,excellent laptop when it was
working,very powerfull

link .

item no. 6836825829

Specs are as follows

Advent 7006 Laptop

      CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
      Chipset Mobile Intel 845 chipset
      Memory 512 MB PC133 SDRAM (Max 1GB)
      Hard Drive 30 GB UDMA
      CD Drive Matshita UJDA720 DVD-ROM / CD-R/RW Combo Drive
      Screen 14.1" TFT (Native Res.1024x768)
      Video Card ATI Mobility M6 16MB DDR + TV Out
      Sound Card Avance AC'97
      Speaker Stereo Internal
      Modem Smart link 56K modem
      LAN RealTek RTL 8139/810X 10/100 Fast Ethernet (onboard)
      PC Card 1 x Type I / Type II PC Card
      Firewire Card OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller (onboard)
      Ports 1 x Parallel
      1 x IEEE 1394 firewire
      1 x VGA out socket
      2 x USB
      1 x Microphone jack
      1 x Audio out jack
      1 x IR
      1 x P/S 2
      Battery Info Smart Li-ion (Li-Ion)
      Serial Number ***********
      Made By Hi Grade

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