Seeking Repair Advice for Thinkpad T21

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I recently bought a used IBM Thinkpad T21.  It's a lovely computer in
most ways.  However, there's a crack in the keyboard bezel right next
to the right arrow key.  

I've taken one stab so far at fixing it: following the instructions in
the maintenance manual, I removed the bezel and tried to fix it using
LocTite brand superglue for plastics.  Unfortunately, this didn't
work.  The joint came apart as I was putting the computer back

So now, I have two questions:

    1) Has anyone else managed to successfully glue (or otherwise
       repair) such a crack?  If so, how?  More specifically, what
       kind of adhesive did you use?

    2) If I leave it alone, is this going to be a problem?  I ask
       because I can see the crack widen when I'm flipping open the display
       and that would seem to imply that the bezel provides some amount of
       structural support.  I can live with the crack as it is but if
       it's slowly destroying the rest of the case, that'll put it in
       a different light.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Seeking Repair Advice for Thinkpad T21

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    Here, the best best is to find out what plastic is being used, then
finding a glue (contact loctite) that will work.  there's so many
thousands of plastics, you'll have a tough time unless you guess right.

    Anyways, first thing I'd try, which usually works on most hard
plastics, is epoxy.  It won't be pretty, use clear epoxy, and it should
hold tough.


    Otherwise, see if you can buy the spare part alone, then replace
that assembly altogether.

Re: Seeking Repair Advice for Thinkpad T21

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Looks aren't as important as having something that works.  If I
thought it would work, I'd just wrap some duct tape around it.

I've had mixed success with epoxy so far, though, which is why I asked
here.  (I may just not be using it right--perhaps more experimentation
is in order.)

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IBM is apparently very good about that sort of thing so I think I'll
bite the bullet and just buy a replacement part from them.

I may keep the broken part to experiment on though.

Thanks to everyone who responded.


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Re: Seeking Repair Advice for Thinkpad T21

Plastic welding/Cross-stiching works excellent on plastics but you
need a similar plastic to use in conjunction with the factory
material.. I've beefed up quite a few weak points in laptops.. (Old
bones just playing around)...

Re: Seeking Repair Advice for Thinkpad T21

Reuter) wrote:
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Had the same problem on my T20; it's a known weak point and there just isn't
enough surface area to make a secure glued joint, as far as I'm able to

I was able to save some bucks by purchasing the plate on eBay.  It takes a
while to get the machine disassembled enough to peform the transplant, but the
hardware maintenance manual was easy enough to follow.  I'd assume the T21 has
similar construction.


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