Seeking opinions on T60 Lenovo laptop

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I am looking into purchasing a new laptop.
I am leaning towards the T60 for the following reasons

* Seems durable - important as my 3-year old Fujitsu had so many
   problems over the years
* Fingerprint security - a nice securtity touch
* Channels that prevent a spill from getting into the CPU - not sure if
this is more hype than
 a help. But one spill can ruin a laptop.

A few questions
 * For the 1.8 Core Duo processor, is 512mb enough or is 1Gig
 I do have many applications running at once. Nothing terribly
processor intensive though.
 * Which graphics option. I rarely play games, but do watch a DVD or
Internet video
   intel graphics media aclerator 950
   ati mobility radeon x1300 (64mb)
   ati mobility radeon x1400 (128mb)
 * Does the 9 cell battery make the laptop feel much heavier in your
  Lenovo is offering a 9-cell upgrade to the 6-cell for free. It would
be nice to have the
 extra capacity, although on my old laptop I use a 2nd battery in the
media bay.
 * Is there any standard hard drive encryption that prevents someone
with the stolen laptop
 from accessing files from the drive?

Any other gripes or raves would also be appreciated.

Re: Seeking opinions on T60 Lenovo laptop

512MB is probably "enough", but 1GB is certainly better if cost is no
object.  However note the comments below about Vista and the video system.

Intel GMA 950 will run the Aero interface of Vista; mobility radeon
x1300 64MB will not; and I'm not sure about mobility radeon x1400
(128mb), but it probably will.  All three of these video systems will
run Vista without Aero if you find that acceptable.

Intel GMA 950 is chipset video with shared memory.  That is not, by
itself, reason for rejecting it, this is a good, fairly powerful video
system (as mentioned, it will run the Vista Aero interface).  HOWEVER,
Vista requires a MINIMUM of 512MB of SYSTEM memory, and when running
Vista/Aero on a GMA 950 system, 128MB of memory will be used by the
video system.  So if you only have 512MB of total memory, your system
memory will only be 384MB, which doesn't meet the minimum for Vista
(even without Aero).  Consequently, if you get GMA 950, running Vista
will REQUIRE that total memory be at least 768MB (and, in reality, 1GB
as 768MB, while physically achievable, will degrade performance by
blocking dual channel memory operation).

A larger capacity battery will make the laptop heavier.

Vista will have a hard drive encryption system called "BitLocker".  It's
brand new, one of Vista's new features, a web search will give you more
information.  Not sure if this will require a special BitLocker
compatible hard driver or not.

Lenovo's laptops, however, generally implement hard drive passwords
using the IDE standard.  This technique is OS independent and it is VERY
secure ... if you forget the password, you are probably going to have to
trash the drive, it can't be read at all, not even on another PC.  While
this may be the level of security that you want, don't ignore the
possibility of being locked out of your own system and denied access to
your own files ... it happens.  This system really IS secure, and in
general, if you forget the password, or if "things go bump in the
night", losing your own files permanently and forever is a very real
possibility. wrote:

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Re: Seeking opinions on T60 Lenovo laptop wrote:

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Yes, it is quite a bit heavier.  I have both 6 and 9 cell batts for my
T40, and the difference in weight is substantial, but then so is the
battery life.  I like to use the 6 cell for daily use, which makes it
rather quickly lose recharge capacity, and drag out the 9 cell for long

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