seeking HP Compaq Presario nx6120 experience

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I am thinking about buying
HP Compaq Presario nx6120

Here in India, this is coming at best price for the set of features
with precious ( for me ) serial and parallel port.

I want to get any feedback on this model in specific and compaq
presario laptops in general.

some reviews mentioned low intensity display. But is it a big problem?
And how the display stays for long years?

Other thing is I need to add another 256MB RAM. The options are HP
branded RAM and Transcend RAM with later being less than half the price
of HP RAM. Both coming with life time warranty( 5year :) ). I doubt if
HP RAM will give twice the  boost.

- Surinder

Re: seeking HP Compaq Presario nx6120 experience wrote:

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Hi Surinder,

Some user comments at this address (bottom of the page) - all seem
pretty happy with it.,39029089,40054261,00 .

I've got a Presario 2267AP which has similar specs and the same body as
the one youre interested in.

The display is quite OK under normal room lighting, but it does have a
fairly directional viewing angle.

The firewire port is excellent for moving files between PCs.

I'm quite happy with it.  Performs quite fast (1.5 mhz).

The unit doesn't get very hot, the keyboard and touch pad are
excellent, and it has no sharp edges where you rest your wrists.

The only complaint is that the CPU air vent on the bottom is near to
your left knee if used on your lap, so you have to be careful not to
block the air flow, and the hard drive makes an occassional light
clicking big deal.

The screen is non reflective, and in my opinion much better than the
glossy ones which look good initially, but pick up all the reflections
from lights etc in the room.

I've had no problems with mine.

I put in some second hand IBM ram ($45 Aus for 256 mb) and now its got
0.5 gig and goes a bit better, but not dramatically so.  Many laptops
use this type of ram - its been around for ages - and you should be
able to get some pretty easily.

Its a good robust unit for the price, and I would recommend it -
provided its got the 1.5 mhz or higher M class processor.

Hope this helps.




Re: seeking HP Compaq Presario nx6120 experience

me here wrote:

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Hi again,

Regards the RAM, as long as its a PC2100 DDR266 SODIMM it should be

As the front side bus is set at 266 mhz theres no gain in putting in
faster ram.  The brand shouldn't have any bearing on performance - just
so long as its not faulty.

I got mine off Ebay. Just slip it in, nothing else to do.

Cheers again.


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