Searching a notebook - Dell Inspiron 640M?

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I'm searching for a laptop 12 to 14 inches. I want it to be light and
small, no broader than 31cm (that is the size of my old Compaq Evo n610).

I'll be using it as secondary device (the main computer is an iMac 17'
G5) for surfing and email, office apps and few downloading of
photographs from the camera + putting them on the web. Maybe saving
music for the iPod. No video watching. Maybe very occasionally editing
videos. I want to be able to work outdoors, so it ought to be light and
handy. It sould operate very softly.

The iBook 12' would have been perfect but I don't want a used notebook.

The Macbook would be ok, especially for outside use, but it is a bit too
broad and pretty expensive for a secondary computer and I don't need all
that iSight stuff etc. And it has a wide screen 13,3 which I don't like.
But then they all come as wide screens nowadays, well almost all.

So I'm thinking of a MSI 262/270 12' but I've read it was loud and I
don'T like that. Plus I don't know if screen and keys are too small for
longer use.

Another idea was the Dell Inspiron 640M which comes at a very good
price, but it is 14,1' (33 cm broad - as the MacBook). The XPS 1210
looks okay, is handy but I need no gaming frills and is rather upmarket,
and I am not sure about its residual value.

(The used-MacBook prices at ebay are very strong, but there are almost
no Dell XPS 1210 offerings).

The HP nx6325 has a 15', so no widescreen but the display is getting
very bad marks in every test for a much too dark display, so outdoor
working is not possible.

Is there any suggestion around? Dell Inspiron 640m users (aka e1405) -
are you satisfied? What are  your experiences? What about Dell residual

Re: Searching a notebook - Dell Inspiron 640M?

the 1210 in NOT a gaming machine and it gets my vote.
You want gaming, they start at 2200 dollars.

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