SD card reader?

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I have a Sony Vaio TX1 with built in SD/ memory stic card reader.

I have reformatted my hard drive and reloaded everything. All
functionality is working fine, apart from the built in SD card reader.

It doesn't do anything when a card is inserted? I've tried adding new
hardware but it's not detected (at least it does not appear obviously
as "SD card reader") by XP?

Not sure what to do as I don't even know the make of the card reader
to get the driver?

Please can you help  :)

Many thanks

Re: SD card reader?

In an earlier contribution to this discussion,

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It should appear as a removable drive. If you go to 'My Computer' are you
sure that it doesn't show up as 'Removable Disk (F:)' or somesuch?
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Re: SD card reader?

richie wrote:
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my laptop had a driver on the cd that came with the laptop.

Return address is VALID!
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Re: SD card reader?

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Since Sony has their own proprietary
memory stick, they may have a
proprietary driver stack to go along
with it however, there's always the
chance that they bought the Texas
Instruments chip and drivers.

Following information supports a 5-way
flash reader on an HP zx6000.  The
reader doesn't appear in Device Manager
until after a card is inserted.

The whole thing is pretty shakey.  When
an Olympus SD card is inserted, it
appears in the Disk Drive group.
Haven't tried the reader with other
types of card.

Here's how the driver stack looks in
Device Manager with an Olympus SD card

SmartMedia2 Device

Device type:  Disk drives (when the card
is inserted, it appears in the Device
Manager right under the HDD.)

Manufacturer:  Texas Instruments

Location:   Flash Media 5


Driver Provider:  Texas Instruments
Driver Date:      6/3/2004
Driver Version:
Digital Signer:   Microsoft Windows
Hardware Compatible Publisher
Driver Details:

    Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Corporation
    5.1.2600.0 (XPClient.010817-1148)


Device Instance id

Hope this helps


Re: SD card reader?


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When I connect my mobile phone to my laptop I must always open up the
diskmanagement applet or Windows will not be aeare that now there are
more units that need to be mapped. You could try if that might work
for you.
Rightclick on the My Computer icon, choose "Manage" from the drop down
menu, and then the Disk Management icon from there.

This should not be necessary, but ...

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Normally when a card is new it has some drivers on the card, if they
are at all needed. If you have erased them you could post back here
with specifics on the brand of the card.

Or maybe it is a Vaio specific driver you miss?


Re: SD card reader?

diskmgmt.msc in the run box on the start menu

I had to use this when I built an external HDD
If the disk is recognized by the BIOS, it will show up here. You might
need to make a new partition on the memory chip.

Maybe when you reformatted you C:\ it reformatted the memory card too?
Does the Vaio have a system restore so you can clear everything and
start over? That should bring back the missing driver

Re: SD card reader?

Have you tried either SiSoft Sandra or Everest Free Edition :paranoid:

Personally I prefer Everest, available from under
system Info (top left panel) :nod:

- I had a problem with Windows not finding my drivers for a modem..
(long story) but after running Everest (which is a program that lists
your hardware giving Manufacturer, model etc., and lots more besides.)
 was able to find the info and download a driver from

Hope this os of some help.
Brian. (UK)

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