screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

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my laptops screen is broken. very very broken. Can they just be
replaced or will i bet a new comp?

Re: screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

mudpucket wrote:
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That's the best answer you'll get, with the amount of information
that you've given.


Re: screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

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Oh, don't be so negative, Notan, I've give him a definitive YES!  8*)

[If it's covered under your warranty, you won't care, if it isn't, you
are better off buying a new machine and selling the remains of the old
one on eBay.]

Re: screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

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Dude! How'r they hagin'?

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And your shift key.

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That depends on what you pay for.

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Re: screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

LCD screens in laptops can be replaced, but it's not always economically
feasible.  The cost of a screen replacement may exceed the cost of a new
laptop, especially if you have it done "conventionally" (e.g. you send
the laptop to an authorized service center to have it replaced with a
brand new part obtained directly from the laptops manufacturer's parts

However, it's often possible to find a replacement LCD screen from other
sources (very often E-Bay) for $30 to $150, and given a laptop with a
broken screen and a good screen, any competent laptop technician can
pretty easily replace the screen in under 30 minutes.

mudpucket wrote:

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Re: screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Correct, but you need to define "competent laptop technician".  I
frankly don't know where I, as an average consumer, might find such a
mythical person, and I know every repair center in my area of 2.2MM
population, not one of which is remotely capable of even opening a
notebook computer if they were interested.  Most people are going to go
the the big box store from which they purchased the notebook and get
ripped off, royally and without sorrow!

For the average notebook owner with a broken LCD, normally not covered
by a warranty (unless the owner has a rare total care warranty), the
only viable option is a new notebook.  eBay and fixing it oneself are
not in the equation, frankly. I wish it were different, but that's reality.

OTOH, there are contract centers, yourself (if you want to do some
self-promotion, which I would not object to), and the notebook vendor.
The latter is a hold-up price, the contract centers are likewise going
to charge an arm and a leg so they accrue a decent margin on the new
parts, leaving only independents like yourself who charge for time and a
small margin on used parts.

I don't know what to advise the OP, except to put on her big girl
panties and pay the price, dump the notebook on eBay, or donate it to a
local charity.

You might email the OP (if it's a real email address) with a proposal.


Re: screens broken..will my comp be replaced?

Replacing an LCD is fairly trivial as laptop repairs go ... a bit more
difficult than a memory or hard drive upgrade/replacement, but nothing
like a motherboard replacement.  You are looking for a computer service
person who repairs laptops often and regularly, and who is probably A+
certified.  I don't know how to tell you to find a competent laptop
repair technician (A+ certification certainly does not guarantee it),
but then I don't know how to tell you how to find a competent technican
to repair a desktop, a projection TV or anything else.  It's a matter of
knowledge, training, experience and skill, all of which you
unfortunately have little way to judge.  But, again, this is actually
not a complex or difficult repair, it's nothing like (for example)
replacing a motherboard in a laptop, and you don't need the very best.
Almost any trained / experienced laptop technican can do it.

[The biggest risk would be running into a desktop technican [perhaps
very good and very qualified .... on dekstops] who had no laptop
experience.  THAT would be potentially dangerous.  Laptops are very
different than desktops, and that would be kind of like having a Vet do
surgery on a human.  Although laptop techs CAN work on desktops with no
real issues.]

Quaoar wrote:

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Re: im a laptop abuser

can i tell you what ive done to my laptop, my Advent 7062?

I have a habit of using it on the arm of my chair...hence it dropping.
Quite a few times. Thus the new motherboard i needed.......

Then after having it on for 3 days straight,and the power adapter block
thingy being hot...when the main plug came out of the block, i plugged
it back in and poof..there goes the adapter..

etc etc..

i purchased a "What Happens" agreement here in the UK, annd itll fix my
comp..well..whatever happeen s to it. Free. Thank god for that.

Anyways heres the specs for my laptop: and youll finf actually pics of
its guts n such on the same page here:

CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz (Hyperthreading)
Chipset SiS 661
Memory 256MB PC3200 DDR400 SODIMM (2 memory slots. Max 2GB)
Hard Drive 40 GB IBM IC25N040ATMR04-0
Screen 15" TFT
Video Card SiS 661FX
Sound Card Vinyl AC97 audio (WDM)
Modem Agere Systems AC'97 modem
Network Card SiS 900 integrated fast ethernet
PC Card 1 x Type I / Type II PC Card
Ports 1x PC card slot
1x Headphone output
1x Microphone input
6x USB 2.0
1x LAN
1x Modem
1x External VGA
1x S-Video TV Out
Battery Info BP-8X99 battery
Power Supply ADP-120SB

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