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For the time I've had my laptop (IBM T20 laptop, 128MB, Windows 98SE) two
months or so, whenever I have booted up the laptop, it starts as all Windows
98 PC's do, by a black screen with white text (hardware stuff, CONFIG.SYS,
whatever), then Windows loads and the Windows 98 desktop appears.

However, until today, when the PC was booted, the white text (in DOS mode,
as Windows is still loading) was stretched full screen, and the text was
slightly out of proportion as the DOS resolution of 320x200 (or whatever it
is) was mapped to the LCD's physical resolution of 1024x800. Also, whenever
I opend a full screen DOS box (by selecting MS-DOS prompt from Windows) then
the full screen turned black (of course) and the white text of whatever DOS
was showing was stretched to full screen. And if I ran any DOS games they
went to full screen, albeit with slightly distorted graphics as the low
resolution of the DOS game was mapped to the laptops 1024x800. I'm not
complaing about the distortion, of course, it's a fact of the LCD display
that non-divisable resolutions will be out of proportion slightly, and the
effect is very negligable.

Today, however, I booted up my PC (I didn't watch it boot up), and I clicked
on the MS-DOS icon so that Windows would open a full screen DOS box, and I
could use DOS. The full screen DOS box opened, but the actual DOS output was
only showing in the middle of the screen, i.e. the 320x200 DOS output was
mapped perfectly to the middle 320x200 pixels of the LCD screen, and the
surrounding area was black. The DOS output wasn't being stretched to full
screen. I reset the PC, and when it began booting up, the same problem came
on straight away, the booting up text was tiny and centred instead of being
mapped across the full LCD screen. Windows is fine (it's a 1024x800
desktop), but any DOS program just uses the middle of the screen now, I get
the full DOS output, but it is one DOS pixel to one LCD pixel so only the
centre of the screen is used, as though the screen has a very thick black
border around it.

I've tried re-installing the driver, but it hasn't solved it. I presume it's
a setting either in the BIOS or something, but I don't know what. Help!

Thanks for any replies.

Re: Screen problem - please help

On Fri, 19 Aug 2005 23:14:01 +0100, ewgf wrote:

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This is definitely caused by a bios setting, and while I haven't had to
change it on an IBM notebook (as far as I can remember) Toshiba notebooks
usually have a setting in their bios called "LCD Screen Stretch - Enabled
/ Disabled" or something very much to that effect.  On some Dell notebooks
the setting was changed with something like Fn + F7 (a function key
labelled with "Font" in blue.)  Check for a key like this on your
keyboard, or a setting that sounds something like this in bios, or through
the Windows based bios configurator (if your T20 has one, which IIRC they

Sorry I can't be more specific without a recent IBM in front of me to
explore, but at least it might steer you away from wasting time messing
around with display drivers.


Re: Screen problem - please help

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You're right, it turns out that pressing [Fn] + [F8] at any time toggles the
screen stretch function on and off, though I didn't see it documented
Many thanks for that, mate.

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