SCO Openserver on old dell

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I have an older (266Meg Pentium) dell laptop.  We use SCO Openserver on some
of our clients computers.  I was putting the OS on the old laptop and the
display is only in the center protion of the screen.  anyone know how to use
the entire screen?  if the HD is taken out and hooked to a standard pc the
display is on the full screen.
Thanks for any help.

Re: SCO Openserver on old dell

tom fugate wrote:
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The default screen resolution, set by the BIOS, is 640x480 and is sized
to provide the best view as dictated by the pixel-based design of the
LCD screen.  This is normal in the absence of a video driver that will
fill the screen at the design maximum resolution of say 1024x768.  There
might be a setting in BIOS setup for screen expansion that will force
full-screen 640x480 resolution but the resulting expanded view will not
be as sharp and well-defined as the reduced view.   If Open Server is a
*nix based OS, then there might be an LCD driver that will restore the
original design resolution. ["SCO" and "open"-anything are mutually

Desktop CRT displays are not bound to the fixed pixel design of LCDs so
that they will look fine at all of their supported resolutions.


Re: SCO Openserver on old dell

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You should be able to press the Function button plus one of the numeric
keys to change the font.

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