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Re: Satellite A660

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 3:26:06 PM UTC-4, Dominic Reich wrote:
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I think my previous observation needs some revision: You're so full of
delusional self-righteousness, you'll have to excuse me while I vomit.

Re: Satellite A660

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    Besides having worked in operations for many years, I ran  
a computer repair business.  I've worked on a bunch of them, and
done exhaustive research in order to make purchase recommendations.

    This model has at least a dozen reviews posted.  Each one
describes the touchpad as excellent (sometimes noting that that's
about the only excellent thing about it).  So, based on my experience
and research, if yours is so broken it's probably actually broken and
not just badly designed/manufactured.

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    You can probably find a how-to video on youtube...  It *is*
kind of fiddly, getting the palmrest off,  but you don't bother with
the touchpad itself; you replace the whole unit.

Here's a couple:

Re: Satellite A660

Thanks for that, wharf rat.

I think I'd be more willing to perform surgery if I didn't restrict
myself to owning one computer (minimalist).  Even then, however, and
if it had enough priority compared to others (and there are other much
higher priorities), the very fact that this is necessary is a clear
indication that it a very crappy laptop.  Yes, I get that you
researched it.  So did I before purchasing.  Quite a while, actually,
and visited brick & mortar retail outlets to test drive.  In other
words, a much more than reasonable level of due diligence.  Some
things just don't make themselves apparent with a superficial test
drive.  For example, the sticky keys.  Pain in the freaking butt.  But
hasn't exhibited themselves in the last month or so (the lack of
registration, yes, but not the actual reluctance to spring back).
Could be temperature related.  Plastics expand, perhaps differently in
different mechanical pieces.  In that sense, you might be right about
the plastic build.  However, I don't notice the same problem with
other laptops, and they weren't exactly all metal.

I did another quick search on the model just now.  I'm noticing that
much of the vaunting relates to its raw computer power, media
capabilities, and audio-visual.  That's why think it should have been
clearly boasted about as being great for media and entertainment.  I
have no problem with media capabilities, they are impressive.  But
traditional geeking out requiring command line, much text
manipulation, and just plain old proficiency on keyboard and touchpad?
Not much mentioned.  An oversized touchpad is not needed for such
traditional use.  It may be "neat" for younger bucks who eschew text
and command line and do everything with point and click, but I would
say (and I suspect many would agree) that this can be very limiting if
you really want to technically delve into things.  The oversize
touchpad is anti-keyboardist -- as I said, there was (and is) nothing
lacking about the traditional size touchpads.  Toshiba was obviously
targeting a specific group of users with this design.  Not being up
front about that simply means that they were knowingly setting others
up for "disappointment".  To me, there's nothing untoward about outing
the crappy fit between design and usage.  This could have been easily
avoided.  It would mean fewer people would buy the product, but at
least they would be the ones who would be happy with it.

In the absence of information that points out the exact ways in which
certain design characteristics can impede use of the machine, I'm
putting forth my experience to balance the picture.  Just as people
who are pleased with the machine can elaborate on their pleasure (and
hopefully qualifying it with descriptions of their kinds of usage).
As I said before, I only wish I had encountered balancing personal
anecdotes when I was doing my research.

Re: Satellite A660

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    BTW, Toshiba uses the same Synaptics touchpad as anyone with
half an eye on quality.  (I don't like the Alps ones.)  So if you're  
having these problems, it may be that the driver doesn't allow you to control
sensitivity and palm-check, or it may be that you haven't set your
options properly.

    Too much cheap flexy plastic, yeah.  One long screw, yeah.  Wiggly
shallow-press no-click membrane keyboard, yeah.  But there's nothing wrong  
with the touchpad hardware-wise.  

    One thing that drives me crazy about Toshiba laptops is that they
have 10,000 different and not completely compatible models of the same
basic system.  A660, 660D,660-x10,665...

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