satellite a35 power management screwy

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satellite a35 power management screwy
I left my laptop in standby mode,  lid closed, connected to AC.
I came back an hour later. Everything was off. Only the AC lite was lit.
gasp! it would not boot - not a twitch...
Disconnected AC cord. Power on attempt gave a wee twitch.
Re-connected AC cord. Powered on as usual. Battery shows empty, charging.

How can this be? it was connected to AC all along. Never a warning.

WHen I close the lid, putting it into standby mode, the fans keep howling  
and there is continued HD activity. NO indication that it is slowing down  
at all.
When I manually depress the lid switch I see the built-in display go black  
but the external monitor stays active. as does the mouse. as does the  
keyboard. what gives?
How can I force standby to mean: shut down display , HD, fans when cool,  
sleep processor?
I think it may be windows XP that is overly caffeinated - Where can I  
change that?
Fritz Oppliger

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