Satallite Pro M15-s405 issues

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I bought this computer about 2 years ago and it's run great. About 2
months ago though when I tried to start it up it hung up in the boot
process. Every attempt was the same result...hang part way threw the
boot.. I pulled the memory and visually inspected them then tried
booting it with only one.. It booted up fine... so I swapped them
expecting the other stick to be bad but it booted fine as well... I
swapped there positions a few times and seemed to work in either dim
slot... but when ever I put both sticks in the same time it hangs on
boot or crashes about 5 min after it's up and running. I'm running Win
XP home. First any idea why it would be doing this?.. and second short
of sending into be repaired would I be able to just go get a single 512
stick and run it on that since I had 2 256's in before and thats what I
need min to be able to do the work I use it for without it being slow
and jittery.

Re: Satallite Pro M15-s405 issues

Chud typed on Sat, 1 Dec 2007 14:36:14 -0600:
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Don't take it in, it is the motherboard or the RAM. RAM is far cheaper.
Just replace it with new RAM. If that isn't it, it needs a new
motherboard. Do that yourself if you can. As that will cost 200 bucks
plus just for a used one.


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