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Hi, i have a samsung v20 from a friend to see if i can make it any
better, it currently does everything its supposed to,i just put in an
extra 512mb of memory and it made it a lot nicer to use!, however
graphically, i find it is a bit disapointing, i'm under the
impression there is no way to upgrade the graphics on it, however if
there is i will be glad if someone would tell me what can be

the person who owns it doesn't really like desktop computers, however
she does play games on it, well, the sims 2, with the extra memory it
took down the loading times from sometimes insanely high 12 minutes to
sensisble times of less than a minute or so, but the graphics are
still a bit jerky, next to the memory slots i noticed to the right
there seemed to be some kind of removable card, i was also wondering
what it was, the manual doesn't seem to say

thanks for any replys!, also if it is impossible to do anything with
the graphics, is it possible to upgrade it with a more capable
motherboard?, i'm guessing not really, but its a really nice laptop,
works fine, its fast, battery isn't very good but its always used
plugged in anyway, its not essential but if anything can be done
would be appricated!, thanks.

Re: Samsung V20

Hi SteadVex,

This is a repeat posting of a question I've just asked in another
thread so apologies for that. I need to know how to take a V20 apart
- any links or info on that?


Re: Samsung V20

hi, i searched for the v20 manual on the samsung site i think to find
out how.

if i can remembe right theres 3 screws on the back, and somehow the
keyboard comes out then, that gives you access to the memory, as for
the rest of it i'm not sure as thats all i've done!

anyway it should be all there!

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