Samsung Q30+ not recognising battery

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if anybody has any advice on the following problem.

My Samsung Q30+ (which is identical to a Dell X1 - people may be more
familiar with that) is not recognising its battery when it's plugged
in. It will draw power from a charged battery but neither recognise
nor charge a battery when plugged in.

The symptoms:

i) the battery does not charge when attached - the charge indicator on
the battery itself remains dark;
ii) Windows reports that it is running in mains mode with no battery
iii) the system dies immediately if unplugged from the mains.

The problem first emerged when the computer returned from repair with
a replaced screen. The battery, which had some residual charge,
powered the computer for a couple of hours. Since then, however, it's
been mains-only.

I've tried two batteries, so it's unlikely to be a dead battery

Has anybody encountered this problem? Is it a problem with the
physical connection between the main board and the battery? Is there
any way it could be a configuration problem?

I'd be grateful if anybody could share their experiences.

Thanks to all,


Re: Samsung Q30+ not recognising battery wrote:
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If this has a two battery bays, one behind the optical drive, try that
bay.  Otherwise, if the battery will not charge, it must be a mainboard
battery controller problem.

You might try uninstalling the MS battery controller in Device Manager
and rebooting, just to see if a system component will update and correct
a serious problem with the battery.  Stranger things have worked.

An additional thought, the battery electrical contacts in the notebook
might be fouled.  I don't know what you can do with these without
disassembling the notebook. However, with the battery removed, AC power
disconnected, and after holding down the power button for maybe 15
secondsd to reduce any capacitance power, you might use a spray of
isopropyl alcohol to wash the contacts, letting the alcohol work for say
15-30 minutes, followed by a blast of dust cleaner to dislodge whatever
is dissolved by the alcohol. Let the notebook sit for an hour or two,
and see what happens.


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