Samsung NC10 9 cell beast anomalies

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One of's online vendors has a 9 cell 7.2AH beast to power the
NC10 netbooks and other models to replace the 6 cell Samsung extended
battery pack.  It's about $75 with shipping to USA.

I'd like to report, after 4 cyclings to work the new battery in that
it's like carrying around your own power station for an 8 hour day...

The extra tube, of course, has no place to stick out except on the
bottom and it increases the weight just a bit, but being able to set the
display to full brightness and turn the dimming timer to zero rather
than fighting it all day every time you sip your beer blanking the
screen is sheer pleasure.  The computer will now, honestly, run about 8
hours with no "conservation" and bluetooth and wifi buzzing away on the
airwaves without shutdowns.  If you were to go back to the hated
conservation measures, you can easily get the netbook to run 12 hours
straight, maybe even longer in intermittent service.

Of course, with anything we seem to be able to buy these days, there IS
a small problem.  Samsung and Microsoft had no idea you were going to be
replacing their biggest battery with fork lift arrays that will crank a
ship diesel, so the time display software is now virtually useless.  It
reads you have 4 hours left for 6 hours, then quickly fades to the low
battery warning, probably prematurely, so I set it to alarm at 3
minutes, its lowest setting as you can't really shut if off.  The other
problem is the battery seems incapable of telling the computer hardware
when the battery is charged and the battery IC has shut down the
current, because the battery LED stays constantly red no matter how long
you leave it plugged in, never going to green like the OEM battery pack.  
I know the power is being shut off at approximately the right time
because when this beast is charging, the 2.1A 19V 40 watt switching
power supply box gets REALLY HOT for a couple of hours, then goes stone
cold shortly after the battery charge is complete.  This is how you can
tell when the charge is done....when it no longer cooks the power

I don't really recommend you run the computer on the AC power while it's
trying to quickcharge this battery beast as it may destroy the AC power
supply from Samsung in the process.  It hasn't thermal shutdown but the
plastic, uncooled box gets nearly too hot to touch at full charging
current....but charges quite quickly and the beast, itself, only gets
moderately warm to the touch.

Well, that's my battery report.  Even if it doesn't turn green, I'm a
happy camper.  Every time I cycle it, and I'm cycling it hard at maximum
load, even charging my cellphone over the USB port, the battery runtime
keeps getting longer and longer as the cells cook in....(c;]

I can watch Livestation as long as I like, now, even on the sellphone
data tethered over USB all day.  Macbook owners eat your hearts out.....

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Re: Samsung NC10 9 cell beast anomalies

Larry wrote:
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So,, have you bought a second, backup power adapter, for the inevitable?

Re: Samsung NC10 9 cell beast anomalies

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If they'll kill people for body parts, who else will they kill?

Re: Samsung NC10 9 cell beast anomalies

Larry typed on Sun, 26 Jul 2009 06:57:56 +0000:
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Larry... I have a third party 10400ma battery for my EeePCs (made in
China - noname brand). And that doesn't happen here. How laptops and
notebooks are generally designed, gives the machine all of the power it
needs. And whatever is left over, gets passed over to the battery for
charging. So I would try and use the netbook while it is charging and
see if the AC adapter gets hotter or not. It really shouldn't, just
takes longer for the battery to charge.

Does the battery get hot while it is charging? That would worry me more
than anything else. That means the battery is getting too much current.
My guess is that the battery voltage is much different than the
original. Lower would be my guess.

My huge battery for my EeePC charges fine and the charge light works
right too. Guessing how much time is left is sometimes off a bit, but it
is okay most of the time. I get about 6 hours with the WiFi on and high
screen brightness (this is a Celeron CPU). Load tests shows they
overrated the 10400ma. As it is much more like a 8800ma battery. Which
is still ok, as they are only 50 bucks each.

If your battery doesn't get warm, I guess that is okay. Although you
might think about investing in a larger AC adapter. As that one might
cook itself in a year or two. Look for one 2.5A or more at 19V (or 50
watts or more). As long as the netbook doesn't get hot anyway. If it
does, scratch that idea.

Gateway MX6124 - Windows XP SP2

Re: Samsung NC10 9 cell beast anomalies

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Wow!  10AH!  I'm impressed.  If mine had a name, I probably couldn't
pronounce it, either, which would be pointless.  Curiously, it reports
in WindowsXP as a Samsung battery...??

Oh, yeah, the full charging current of this quickcharging beast makes
the power brick switcher way warmer than running the netbook.  The
switcher would shut it down if it didn't like it, but it hasn't.

It FINALLY DID switch the LED to green, for the first time, last night.  
This may have been due to the new battery not being fully conditioned,
yet, and there might be some kind of staged charging going on after the
initial blast that makes the power brick so hot.  Every charge gives me
more running.  I woke up to a Green LED (charged) for the first time
this morning.  I powered the NC10 up on it, ah...9AM (late
sleeper) and it has been running 12 hours now.  WinXP's stupid battery
meter still reports we have 2 hours 28 minutes to go before 3% shutdown.  
This isn't standby-you-can't-see-the-display running.  This has been
AlJazeera TV on the sellphone USB tethered and charging all day.  The
beast is powering the sellphone (Motorola ROKR Z6m) modem, too!  I'm
totally impressed.  I HATE this conservation nonsense sitting in the
dark to save the tiny battery packs.  What hooey!

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No, the battery barely gets warm.  There's no sign of overcharging at
all.  I'm sure the LED is voltage-sensing and finally the newly
conditioning pack came up to full voltage, today.  There must be an
initial high charge, then a lower charge until the led goes green then a
topping or maintenance float charge the way it acts.

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I got $75 in mine with $17 shipping.  Some places rate the battery at
7.8AH, others 7.2AH, which is probably closer to the truth on 9 cells.

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Got that covered:
I'll charge it out in the garage....(c;]


The NC10 runs LONGER than my Motorola S9 Bluetooth headset, now....(c;]

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