Samsung NC-10T...for touchscreen!

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Bought this: =

from Taiwan just a few days ago.  It came in FEDEX this morning!  Spent
the entire afternoon tearing my new Samsung NC10:
netbook all apart to install it using these directions: -

What a fantastic touchscreen it is.

I lost a little bit of my non-glare screen as the surface of the
touchscreen must be glossy to prevent friction, but the non-glare screen
UNDER it absorbs most of the reflectivity a glossy screen laptop would
show through.  It's "acceptable".

I did the serious 25 point linearity screen calibration after getting
the little mainframe back together.

How COOL it is to use!  The surface is extremely sensitive to finger,
fingernail or any stylus touch, so it not being a firmly held tablet
makes no difference at all.  In the typing position, lay the screen back
to a good viewing angle and the touchscreen is SO fast to use, compared
to a mouse or touchpad.  It's very precise and very fine resolution on
this 10.1" screen.  Solitaire and games that require pointing like it
are very easy to use, much easier.

Unfortunately, it didn't improve Solitaire's nasty habit of burying my
wins in impossible places, dammit.

This company has a winner!  It's available for a wide variety of
netbooks, Macs, etc.  Info on the webpages.  It fully supports Windows
(any), OSX, Linux with intensive software and very fast drivers.

In the Samsung NC10, it installs its USB hub/controller inline with the
camera USB connection inside the case.  (See instructions and my
modifications to their instructions at the bottom.)

Here's what it looks like in operation...except I seem to be a better
pointer than this guy is:

Maybe it's because he has Apple OSX booted, not Ubuntu Linux.....

This guy needs to learn you must WAIT for the software to do what you
told it to...not keep clicking away over and over impatiently!

Ordered some neat finger styluses for my mobile units....

Back to work in the morning.....Great day wasted!

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