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I have a IBM Thinkpad T40 with a broken ac adapter port. Is it
worthless now since the port is connected to the motherboard/system
board and I can't power the system or charge the battery???

If not, what are my options to salvage this laptop?
Thanks in advance,

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Find a buddy who's a mechanical genious, feed him real good and.....

Re: Salvage Laptop

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A surprisingly easy fix, you can find the part you need at either Digikey or
even eBay.
Make sure you take antistatic precautions if you're doing the work yourself.

Re: Salvage Laptop

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First, go here: and enter
your machine type and serial number to check the status of the machine's

If still under warranty, send the unit back to IBM EZServe for repair.

If not under warranty, the part you need can be purchased several places on
the WWW and can be installed by anyone moderately competent with a soldering

Or, get a port replicator or docking station for the T40 on eBay and bypass
the unit's internal AC connector for the dock's.



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Re: Salvage Laptop

thanks everyone.

i'm not handy with the soldering stuff, so i think i'mma try the
docking station solution.

it's still under warranty, but i bought the unit as is, with the broken
adapter port and no battery and no ac adapter and completely
disassembled with no screws, so i doubt IBM will still fix it.

thanks again folks

JHEM wrote:
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places on

Re: Salvage Laptop

Changing the dc connector isnt that complex it does require total
disassembly of the unit however...

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