Sager Laptops Reputation?

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I'm looking at getting a 2nd hand Sager, possibly 9860 series. I know they are
made by "Clevo".
What is Sager's reputation? Are they reliable? How can you get them serviced?

Right now I have a Toshiba a75 satellite but am looking for something faster.

Re: Sager Laptops Reputation?

ignoramus@ignorant.igg wrote:
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Have a look at , Sager.  Some of the Alienware
laptops are also identical to Sager laptops.


Re: Sager Laptops Reputation?

Quaoar wrote:
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Sager makes a good notebook. Note that I did not say "great."
I got an NP9880 in July 2005. It worked Ok out of the box, but quickly
fried its motherboard, which was no fault of mine. I sent it in for
service, and they replaced the laptop, no questions.
I then noticed that the powersupply (which is 8"x4"x3"....a BRICK!) is
buzzing rather loudly and is producing a scary amount of heat. After
ALOT of whining, they replaced it with a mildly better one.

Thats two strikes, 2 return shipments, and 8 calls to tech support
within a month of purchase.

Then again, I have to say Ted is a great tech support guy at Sager...
he got stuff done quickly and rather painlessly. I just dont like the
fact that the laptop wasnt bug-tested before it was shipped. I would
say that while the alienware equivalent is stupid expensive, you do
need a better bug-tested model than Sager.

You can only get them serviced with Sager's outlet on the west coast,
which is a pain in the *@&$ if you live on the east coast. It takes a
minimum of a week to get it back just due to shipping it across the

I bought my laptop through

Bottom line: You are getting a great laptop for cheap. All the
amenities of a pricey laptop arent going to be there. If you are
willing to work at it a bit, the savings is tremendous vs Alienware,
but a problem or two may be part of the deal. Its a good, sturdy
laptop... you get more than you pay for in features, but less than you
pay for in hardware quality.

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