Running on 12v

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I'm doing it right now on my Averatec 3250 (normally 19v) using a deep-cycle
marine battery.  The Lithium-ion battery is out. I figured this might work
cuz that battery puts out only 11.1v.

I ran Prime95 for 15 minutes and passed the first level. USB wireless mouse
and wireless network work fine.

The marine battery is new and is 85Ah. My Lith-ion computer battery is 4Ah
so it should run 21 times as long.

I'm doing this for a camp site I have on an island. The island gets sun all
day so I'm going to use a 5watt solar panel to keep the marine battery
topped up when I'm not there, or at least extend its charge. I'll be running
this laptop, charging a cell phone (which tethers to the laptop for
broadband) a florescent light and a small TV. I do have a car adapter for
the laptop but I'm sure it's more efficient to bypass it and the battery.

I haven't connected anything else while the computer is running on 12v
(actually 12.8), just the TV. I don't expect any interference problems
because the battery will act as a buffer.


Re: Running on 12v

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What you didn't tell us is: have you connected your marine battery in place
of the internal battery or where the 19 volts goes in?

Re: Running on 12v, forget it

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It's plugged into the 19v socket. But forget it. It actually draws MORE
amps, 2.1 vs 1.7 with my Hi-Power brick (made  in Taiwan, must be good). It
draws more evenly too. The fully-charged Lith-ion battery only adds another
0.3 amps. This using a Fluke meter measured at the marine battery.

I just ordered a 5watt Sunforce solar trickle charger from Amazon for $48
(free shipping, no taxes) and a 4-port car socket adapter. Since it will be
in sun all day and I won't be at the camp 90% of the time, it might be all
the charging I need. And because it's only 5watt, I won't have to worry
about over-charging. I could even Velcro it to the top of the battery and be
charging on a canoe trip. It's only 14"x13" but being on the river is very

Lesson learned: Don't assume! At least I didn't damage my little Averatec, I

Re: Running on 12v, forget it

IP Daley wrote:

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This is only to be expected. The bricks are not built with efficiency in
mind, since they have the power of the mains supply.

You could try connecting straight into the laptop. Take an old dead
Li-Ion battery, strip out the cells and connect your marine battery to
the connector. This should be very much more efficient. But there may be
issues with the power voltage.
Anyone here tried it?

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