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I want to buy a router for my new laptop. I just need a short list of
ones that are good. I don't know if the router has to match the
configuration of the wireless card but mine is the Intel Pro 3945
802.11a/g. It will hook up to the dsl modem. The furthest i would be
from the router is about 75'. Thanks to all.

Re: Router suggestions

Well, first note, specify that you want a WIRELESS router.  There are
wired routers that won't do what you want.  In fact, by default, the
term "router" means WIRED router (not what you want).

You don't need anything fancy.  The leading brands are Linksys and
D-Link, but I've had a lot of trouble with models from both firms, and a
lot more trouble with Linksys, so I now use D-Link.  The "plain Jane"
model (but good, stable and usually trouble free) is the DI-524, and
I've gotten lots of these for $10 to $30, but I think it's finally been
discontinued after about 4 years in production.

Range with any wireless network is unpredictable.  Sometimes you can get
200 to 300 feet, and other times you can't get 50 feet.  It depends too
much on the structure (building) and on the environment (and that
includes the electromagnetic environment, which includes the wireless
LANs, cordless phone and microwave ovens of not only you but your
neighbors). wrote:
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Re: Router suggestions

Linksys makes some good wireless router just remember that when call your
dsl provider for help installing if you need it.
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Re: Router suggestions

dsl uses PPPoe for connection
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Re: Router suggestions

Actually, while that is technically true, in fact it's almost no longer
practically true.

DSL does use PPPoE, so you are technically correct.  But virtually ALL
of the DSL modems made and sold in the past 2 years do (or can do) the
PPPoE in the DSL modem itself, and also have a single-port router (e.g.
they do NAT in the DSL modem), thus presenting the outside world
(whatever connects to the RJ45 jack on the DSL modem) with a straight
TCP/IP DHCP interface.  So while, technically, the connection is PPPoE,
the user who is connecting a computer or a router to the DSL modem can
ignore that fact and it behaves the same as most cable modems.

[Note, you do have the option (and it may be the default in some cases)
of turning this feature (and/or the single port router, if present) OFF,
and doing PPPoE the old, hard way.  But why anyone would do that is
beyond me.]

BigJim wrote:
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Re: Router suggestions

yea maybe I should have explained it a little more.
that pppoe is selectable thru the router setup

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