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Does the dashboard ripple work on ibooks also?

Re: Ripple

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I can't say from experience, but the specs say no.

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Re: Ripple

Gregory Weston writes:
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Based on discussions in other forums, the ripple effect will happen if
your computer's video card supports CoreImage.  If your card does not
support CoreImage, then there will be no ripple.

I don't know what model iBook the OP has, but according to MacTracker,
none of the models have CoreImage-compatible video cards.  Going from oldest to
newest, iBooks have been equipped with ATI Rage Mobility, Rage Mobility
128, Mobility Radeon, Mobility Radeon 7500, and Mobility Radeon 9200.

According to Apple and some statements from ATI, ATI chipsets supporting
CoreImage are the 9600, 9700, 9800 and X800 series.  (I would assume
that the 9500 would as well, since it is almost identical to a 9600, but
I don't think a Mac version of the 9500 was ever made.)

-- David

Re: Ripple

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No, because the video card in them doesn't support the CoreImage
commands that Dashboard uses to create the effect.  Future iBooks
probably will, but none of the currently-shipping ones do.

Garner R. Miller
Clifton Park, NY =USA=

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