Ricochet home networking?

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Does anyone know how to set up a home network with a USB external Ricochet

I tried ICS with Win2000 and I could not get it to work.  (disabled
firewall, yes)

I have a Linksys Broadband wireless router with two Win2000 PCs directly
cable to it, and a laptop that connects to the network with a wireless

Can I use a Linksys USB 2.0/Ethernet Adapter to connect the USB modem
directly to the broadband router's ethernet internet port?  Then setup the
router to dial the modem when an application demands an internet connection?
Or just leave the Ricochet modem always connected?  This way I would not
have to leave a host PC powered on for others to access the internet (as I
would have to if I could get ICS to work).

The Linksys router designed specifically to use the Ricochet internal modem
card is not available anymore I have been told.

Thanks for any advice.

San Diego, CA
wesnkat@cox.nospam.net  Delete nospam. to reply directly.  Thank you.

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