Revert to Windows 98 from XP for BIOS Upgrade

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I have a Dell Latitude CPi-A 366 Laptop that has a BIOS version 09.
Since I upgraded to Windows XP, my battery has stopped working.  I'd
like to replace Windows XP with 98 so I  can upudate the BIOS and then
put XP back on.  But, the Laptop won't allow me to do this.  Any

Re: Revert to Windows 98 from XP for BIOS Upgrade

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You shouldn't need to do all that.  Can you make a Windows 98 boot
floppy and use that to flash the BIOS?  If you have access to a Win98
machine it's pretty easy, but I don't remember how exactly (haven't
actually used 98 since 2K came out) - there's the usual format and
make boot disc option, but there's also a much better one that makes a
floppy with all kinds of good stuff on it like ATAPI drivers, don't
remember where it is exactly but it's somewhere nonintuitive, like in
the screen for managing installed Windows options.

Or, heck, just make the usual bootable floppy, or use a bootable
Windows CD that will let you go to console.  Make another floppy with
the BIOS flasher on it and you're good to go.


Re: Revert to Windows 98 from XP for BIOS Upgrade

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried that the first time...booted
from the CD and they used the floppy to flash.  Problem is that the
flash asks for a battery to be in the computer as well as the elec
plug, but since [brand new] the battery isn't recognized by the PC, the
flash won't proceed. This is what I mean by the PC not letting me
complete the flash process...I guess its really XP not letting me do

Re: Revert to Windows 98 from XP for BIOS Upgrade (flash BIOS withoutbattery installed) wrote:
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Ask the vendor for help.
I once had a similar problem on a laptop that had no battery.  The
flasher tries to protect you from power outage by insisting on the
presence of both AC and battery.
Turned out that there's a secret command line parameter that bypasses
this check and lets you go ahead and flash.  The vendor was reluctant,
but finally divulged the parameter and I was able to flash my bios.

For a Dell XPi the parameter was /forceit

Don't think this will make your battery work though...

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Re: Revert to Windows 98 from XP for BIOS Upgrade

First, I don't see how the laptop can "prevent you" from doing it.

Second, however, it's not necessary.  Just boot from a floppy or
bootable CD.

Also, the BIOS update is fine, but it's not going to bring your battery
back to life. wrote:

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