Restoring HD to original? ? ?

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I have replaced my four-year-old HP laptop with a new one. Now I want to
give the old one to a friend, and it seems to me the easiest way to clean
the hard drive would be to restore it to the original factory settings.

I have all the original discs, but I'm unclear how to proceed.

I have a set of four Quick Restore System Recovery CD discs.

In addition to these I have a single disc which is labeled "HP notebook
Operating System CD MS Windows XP Home SP1"

I don't know which of these to use.

The person who is getting the old laptop wants a barebones computer which
will do word processing and get e-mail and occasional internet connection.
She certainly has no need for such programs as Corel Word Perfect and most
of the other original software. I will put in MS Word 97 as her word

Any guidance appreciated.

Re: Restoring HD to original? ? ?

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 15:18:19 GMT, "Ray"

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One thing to consider is that most software that comes pre-installed
on a computer is "OEM" versions and are licensed ONLY for the computer
on which they are originally installed.

I think you should use the Quick Restore system Recovery discs. The
other disc seems to be for a new install of the OS, like if you were
installing a new HD in the old computer.  But, if it were me, I'd
simply remove my personal data from the old computer, and leave
everything else "as is".... since my usual policy is if it's working,
don't mess with it. Trying to restore to the original condition might
just mess up something.... of worse case, everything.

Charlie Hoffpauir

Re: Restoring HD to original? ? ?

Thanks for the good advice, Charlie -- Generally I agree that if it ain't
broke, don't fix it.

The problem is, the laptop seems partly broke -- it's so loaded down with
pre-installed programs and others that have been added over the years that
it runs like a snail.

Mainly, what I'd like to do is to start with a clean installation of the
Operating Sysem ONLY.  I can do without all of the pre-installed software
and separately put in just the few programs that we need. Like MS Works,

It's possible that I would even need to reformat the HD before I started the
reinstall of the OS.

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Re: Restoring HD to original? ? ?

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 17:09:38 GMT, "Ray"

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Given those considerations, I'd try still another approach
(understand, I'm basically very conservative).

I'd get a new or used notebook hard drive. The smaller used ones are
available very cheap from people who've upgraded to a larger drive....
and install the OS and software on that drive, keeping the original
drive intact until I was sure everything worked right. Then, if need
be, you could "clone" the small drive over to the old larger drive
using something like Acronis TrueImage and a hardware adapter..

The use of a device like

to connect "any" drive via a USB port will work well for this, and
it's handy to have an extra drive around later as a neat backup
Charlie Hoffpauir

Re: Restoring HD to original? ? ?

Good idea -- I'll look into that.

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Re: Restoring HD to original? ? ?

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Try booting off the first quick restore disk. If that doesn't work,
then install Windows (bare) off the operating system CD, then insert
quick restore disk 1 and look for a setup program.

My ZE4805 has the same general set of disks - in order to restore it,
you have to install the OS by yourself, then run an installer off the
"restore" cd which reloads all the HP drivers (and bullshit special
trial offer software, etc etc).

Re: Restoring HD to original? ? ?

Thanks zws --

Are you saying the laptop won't run at all if I don't use the Restore discs?
If I could install just the OS, and then a simple word procesor and IE
Explorer and Outlook Express, I'd be quite satisfied.

I'd especially like to avoid all thos junk special trial offers, including
Microsoft Office.

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