resolution is wrong at startup - what happened?

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I'm having trouble with my laptop on startup.

It starts normally and shows my background photo fine at first, but by
the time it finishes the bootup sequence, it has reduced the resolution
to the lowest possible - 640 x 480.

When I first got it, it was fine. I started using it with a docking
station so that I could use my full size monitor and keyboard when
working at home. It was fine if I booted up with the laptop open, but
would screw up if I had it hooked to the monitor.

Then later, it started doing it with just the laptop. So, now, no
matter what, I have to go into the control panel, display, settings,
and change the resolution back to what I need.

I would like to have it permanently set to bootup at 1024 x 768 so that
is correct for the laptop monitor.

If possible, I would like it to recognize when it is attached to the
external monitor and
remember the setting of 800 x 600. But it's okay if I have to manually
reset that one.

I am just really tired of having to manually set it every time I boot
the computer, regardless of which setup I am doing.

According to the display settings, it has the monitors listed as

1. Digital Flat Panel (1024x768) on Intel(R) Extreme Graphics
2. Default Monitor on INtel(R) Extremes Graphics Controller - 1

The only thing I can find in the manual is that if the setting is too
high for the monitor, it will downgrade, which is what seems to be
happening. But the setting is correct. Why does it think the monitor
can't handle it?

How do I get it to save the correct settings like it used to?

Re: resolution is wrong at startup - what happened? wrote:
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Seems clear to me that your problem is related to the fact you alternate
between the laptop's display and an external one. I am not exactly sure
how to do this (if you don't, someone will sure post how to do it), but
I would remove the second default monintor you listed above, make sure
my set-up does not mention that a dual display option is active and see
if this corrects the problem.

John Doue

Re: resolution is wrong at startup - what happened?

John Doue wrote:

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If somebody knows how to do this, I would welcome the instructions. And
also how to reintroduce the external monitor. I really like being able
to use the docking port. The laptop is a better computer than my
desktop, but the its much easier to use photoshop with a real mouse,
and larger monitor.


Re: resolution is wrong at startup - what happened? wrote:
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"Digital Flat Panel" is not appropriate for the notebook monitor, and if
the notebook does not have DVI output for the external monitor, it is
not appropriate for it either.

"Default Monitor" is probably OK, but if this is the notebook LCD, then
you might check your user manual to see if "Notebook LCD at 1280 x 1024"
or something similar is the correct setting.


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