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Anyone have any experience on this one ...  ???

Gateway lists the factory specification on memory for their 450SX4 laptop as
a maximum RAM module size listed as 256 MB
(200 pin SODIMM; DDR PC2100;CL2.5; unbuffered; non-ecc; 2.5V)...

So the computer has two RAM slots  X 256 MB /module = 512 MB total max RAM

I am wondering if anyone had any luck with larger RAM modules in the 450SX4

 i.e., anyone tried a 512 MB module or 1GB module in one of the slots ?


Re: Repost - Gateway 450SX4 Memory Question

Brian Dean wrote:
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Gateway has generally been reliable in stating maximum RAM for their
notebook computers.  You might try as another source to
verify max RAM.


Re: Repost - Gateway 450SX4 Memory Question

Thanks for your reply.

Both Gateway and Crucial state that the maximum ram module supported is
256MB ...
which given the two available slots puts the computer's maximum total ram at
I am not smart enough to understand why this is the limit per SODIMM...
maybe it is upper limit that the BIOS supports...etc...

I know that my desktop Dell listed the maximum ram as 3X128MB = 384 MB
total... when I installed 256MB chips in each of the
slots it recognized and utilized the full 768MB ... so go figure...

I would appreciate any education, comments, or explanations to help me
understand why the laptop would fail to recognize ram modules
larger than 256MB; 200 pin SODIMM; DDR PC2100; CL2.5; unbuffered; non-ecc;
2.5 V...

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