Replacing a key on the HP Pavillion ZT11 series?

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I have two of these monsters and I have lost keys on both of them.  So
I purchased a replacement keyboard for one and replaced it easily and

On the other I have lost my F1 key.  I am hoping to be able to use the
F1 key from the old keyboard just removed and install it onto the
missing key of the other laptop.

Can anyone provide any advise/guidance/instructions as to how one
would go about this?  I am somewhat familiar with what's under the
actual key but I don't want to pry anything and break it if there is a
secret to be known.

Any help appreciated?


Re: Replacing a key on the HP Pavillion ZT11 series?

I recently and successfully replaced a key on my Pavilion XF255.

If the keys on your ZT11 have no elastomer element, but simply a cylindrical
post and a delicate white plastic loose frame, then the the procedure for
replacing the key is the same as for my XF255:

1) Center the loose white plastic frame around the post.
2) Lightly align the key top in its proper place on the keyboard.
3) With the tip of your index finger press down firmly but not heavily on
the center of the loose key and gradually apply a "rolling" circular
pressure with your finger tip without loosing contact and without letting
your finger drift from the center of the key. There should be no sliding
motions between your finger and the keytop nor between the keytop and the
other components; only continuous contact with a circular motion of your
arm. With each revolution apply slightly more pressure until you hear and
feel a total of 4 clicks. Essentially you massage the key into place in such
a way that you will hear 4 engagement clicks beneath the key top, which tell
you that the key is properly locked into place at 4 spots.

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Re: Replacing a key on the HP Pavillion ZT11 series?


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Thank you very much, Knack.

The keys you describe sound exactly like the ones on my keyboards.  I
will give it a go.  Happy Holidays.


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