Replacement parts for Emachines laptop

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I have been trying in earnest to get one simple item from Emachines,
and they are very unwilling to help me.

I am looking for a speaker assembly that fits into an Emachines M5312
(or similar case) laptop.  The laptop was sent in for repair when one
of the speakers got blown and eventually died, but the item was either
never repaired or the replacement was defective as well.  The part
looks like a cylindrical black bar about 1 cm in diameter and about 15"
in length.  The part # is AACR50600013S1  (also marked P012EY CD06).  I
was also given this number by Arima Taiwan... N703X 500 21866

I talked to Arima computers (they make the thing for EMachines) and
they forwarded me over to Gateway/Emachines... who will not
sell the part directly... they want me to send in the unit to
have them replace it.  Personally, they can go scratch, I will not
spend $ 160 to $250 to replace a $10 component that I can change out
myself.  This is the first time I have EVER had something to complain
about Emachines.  Amazingly enough, Arima was more helpful than

WOuld anybody know where I could get this stupit part ?  It also should
go into a similar Arima laptop like the one at this link...

Look for the W720-K8M.  The case is the same.

Please help...

Re: Replacement parts for Emachines laptop


Just thought I would post this since I had a great response from one

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